My 10 Reasons to Own a High Quality Juice Extractor

1. When a “true” juice extractor (blenders are not true juice extractors) is used to separate juice from the cellulose (fiber) you benefit from 90 % of the nutritional value within 20 minutes. When eating the same produce you only get 30% of the nutritional value in a 3 hour period. From the book “Acquiring Optimal Health” by Gary Price Todd, MD

2. Fresh raw juices from your juicer is superior to any dead store bought juice that has been pasteurized and processed. Many store bought, bottled juices are highly sweetened, conventionally grown, highly diluted imitators, and are essentially little more than sugar water. These products aren’t too much more healthful than a soft drink, and shouldn’t even be called juice.

3. Food values in North American farmlands have dropped considerably over the last 75 years. A juice extractor helps make up for that lose by concentrating a large amount of produce in a few ounces of liquid. Note: Drink no more than 8 oz. per hour.

4. Raw juices are extremely rich in alkaline elements. This is highly beneficial in neutralizing excessive acids and creating an alkaline-acid balance in the blood & tissues. The metabolic process is constantly producing acids, especially with a carnivorous diet. The lack of proper alkaline counter balance will inevitably lead to an overly acidic body environment, making the body susceptible to all kinds of ailments. An acidic body attracts colds & flu, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancers. Many Americans are highly acidic.

5. Juices provide tremendous support for the metabolic process, helping to eliminate toxins (detoxify) from the body, also increases circulation, and is a powerful blood cleanser. I saw it first hand with yellow patches on the palm of my hands. This is normal for most people who juice heavy and it is associated with the liver dumping excess toxins.

6. Cooking vegetables destroys their living energy. Dr, Max Bircher-Benner, MD says that plants derive their energy from the sun and consuming live (raw) juices give the body the “spark plugs” of life.

7. Raw, fresh, organic juices are energizing, nutrient-dense superfoods capable of delivering an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes & essential nutrients in a small volume – they are a highly concentrated bang for your nutritional buck, and a great way to get in your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.Juices exercise beneficial effects in normalizing all the body functions. They supply needed elements for the body’s own healing activity & cell regeneration thereby building a strong immune system.

8. Juices contain concentrated phyto-chemicals and antioxidants. Fresh carrot juice has long been noted for containing high amounts of Beta Carotene which is a known antioxidant.

9. You just plain feel better after drinking fresh, raw organic juices, no matter what your state of health is – GUARANTEED.

10. I saved the best for last. This is for the people who are dealing with health issues. Dr. Richard Schulze of California is a famous natural healer and has cured many patients of serious health problems. Dr. Schulze says on one of his videos that “I have never seen anything make such a dramatic change in my patient’s health than when using a juice extractor”. Note: Schulze is NOT in the juicer business either!

Dr. Bircher-Benner discovered the same phenomenon as he worked with many of his patients. It led him to believe there was nothing more therapeutic on Earth than green juices.

The famous Norman Walker, D.C. recovered from a serious health problem by drinking fresh juices and ended up living well over 100 years. Look at Jack LaLanne, this guy has juiced heavy, he is 90 years old and looks good.

There are a number of other famous doctors and practioners who use juice therapy as a part of their treatment programs. Dr. Anne Wigmore of the original Hippocrates Institute in Baltimore used mainly fresh wheatgrass juice for her cancer patients. Hungarian physician and scientist Alexander Ferenczi had great success with red beet juice.

Max Gerson, M.D. used juice therapy for his cancer patients when nothing else seemed to work. He had great success. See his book “A cancer Therapy; Results of Fifty Cases.

Most recently Dr. George Malkmus has attracted much attention with his “Hallelujah” healing diet, which includes drinking fresh juices daily. George healed himself from colon cancer with raw juices & diet. He now teaches raw juice therapy to thousands of health ministers in his seminars. He say’s “it is overwhelming to see the healings and changes for the better in all kinds of people suffering from degenerative diseases”.

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