Alkalizer – BionTech 3000


Alkalizer – BionTech 3000 in Both 110 and 220 voltage.

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Note: This product is very similar to the HydraCide 3000 Alkalizer and the parts from the BionTech 3000 will fit the HydraCide 3000.

IMPORTANT: The “real” medical grade water alkalizer Biontech gives the benefits that we are told about. It takes TIME to create quality water, something you DO NOT get with flow-through units. Calls us and we will tell you the REAL TRUTH behind flow-through alkalizers.

The Biontech BTM-3000 creates medical grade super alkaline and acid waters tens to hundreds of times stronger than popular flow-through models, while remaining competitively priced. Unlike flow-through ionizers, which connect to your faucet or plumbing line and electrify the water as it flows through, the Biontech batch model holds water in two tanks, one acid, and one alkaline, separated by a porous membrane. Using medical-grade platinum coated titanium electrodes, the Biontech electrifies the water with direct current electricity. When used as directed, the Biontech Ionizer makes a half-gallon each of pH 10 to 11 alkaline water with ORP of about -800 millivolts at 25 minutes, and pH 4 to 5 acid waters with ORP of 800 millivolts every hour. These values are tens to hundreds of times stronger than found in flow-through models. The primary weakness of Flow-through ionizers is their dependent on the quality of water coming from your tap. All ionizers must have minerals in the water to make ions that give the water a strong pH and electrical charge, the fewer minerals you have in your water, the weaker your ionized water will be. If you have limited minerals in your water, you will have weak ionized water, and many municipal supplies and wells have poorly mineralized (and frequently toxic) water. With the Biontech you can buy good bottled water or add your own trace minerals in order to make strong ionized water. You can use any of the expensive flow-through ionizers that connect to your faucet such as Jupiter, Kangen, Enagic, Tyent, Microwater, and Delphi, but if your water is poor quality, you’ll wind up with low pH values and ORP values. With the Biontech BTM-3000 you have control over both the quality of water used and the strength of ionization, features not found in any flow-through model on the market. Among the Biontechs features are a timer that will automatically chime and shut off when done, and decanting at the touch of a button.

Water ionizers perform two functions – a filtration procedure to remove harmful contaminants, and an ionization procedure which separates the water molecules, and the minerals contained in the water, into positive and negative ions. This occurs through a process known as electrolysis, where water is passed over two electrically charged metal plates or electrodes. This takes place in the electrolysis chamber, which is divided into two compartments by a diaphragm or membrane. One side has a positive electrode and the other has a negative electrode.

The electrolytic process causes the water on one side to become alkaline, and the water on the other side to become acidic.

The electric current dissociates the water molecules into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (OH–) ions.

This process is known as oxidation (loss of electrons) and reduction (gain of electrons). If there are more OH– ions than H+ ions, the water is alkaline (reduced water). If there are more H+ ions than OH– ions, the water is acidic (oxidized water). If there are an equal number of OH– and H+ ions, the water is neutral (pH 7).

The H+ ions in the water near the negative electrode acquire electrons (they are reduced), and the OH– ions in the water near the positive electrode lose electrons (they are oxidized). The consumption of H+ ions at the negative electrode leaves an excess of OH– ions, making the water alkaline.

Conversely, the consumption of OH– ions at the positive electrode leaves an excess of H+, making the water acidic.

For a significant amount of electrolysis to occur, the water must contain minerals. The minerals are required to transport the current, as pure water does not conduct electricity. If the mineral content of the source water is low, then the addition of ordinary salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) will make the water more conductive. The Na+ ion is reduced, and the Cl– ion is oxidised. The same process occurs for any other minerals in the water. Within the electrolysis chamber, the anode attracts the positively charged minerals to its compartment.
The cathode attracts the negatively charged minerals to its compartment. In this way, beneficial molecules such as calcium and magnesium end up in the alkaline water, and harmful molecules such as chlorine and fluoride end up in the acidic water.

Ionized water also possesses what is known as an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). This can be measured using a voltmeter. A negative ORP value indicates the water has the ability to eliminate reactive oxygen, that is, its antioxidant ability. The larger this negative value, the stronger the antioxidant effect.

Generally water with an ORP exceeding -300mV is believed to be effective in eliminating free radicals from the body.

Another reported benefit of ionized water is that the size of the water molecule clusters are reduced. Water molecules cluster together in groups of H2O molecules, and ionized water has been claimed to reduce this cluster size; that is, reduce the number of water molecules per cluster. It is suggested that this “micro clustered” water is better able to infiltrate and hydrate cells and tissues of the body, and has a detoxification effect through reaching areas of toxin build-up that ordinary water cannot reach.

The more ordered and stable clustering of the water molecules also reduces surface tension, making “wetter” water.

The purported health benefits attributed to drinking alkaline water are more likely to be due to the ORP and the smaller cluster size of the water molecules, rather than the pH. Alkaline water cannot change your body’s pH – this is tightly regulated by the body systems and buffers ensure that the pH stays within a very small range.

Having said that, the widely accepted concept of maintaining a diet that is about 70% alkaline and 30% acidic is valid – the majority of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables are alkaline-forming, whilst many unhealthy foods, or foods that should be consumed in moderation are acid-forming. Examples of acid-forming foods include red meat, alcohol and oils.

Water Ionizers transform dead-tap water into vibrant water – similar to that from a pure mountain stream.

Alkaline ionic water is considered to be the most healthful form of water for the human body, since is it easily absorbed into the cells, contains beneficial minerals, eliminates reactive oxygen and protects DNA from oxidation damage, which accelerates ageing and contributes to many diseases.

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