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Currently there are 8 videos on this page. Scroll down the page to view them.Welcome to our video page. We are happy to say our videos that have been in the works for several years are now complete.

Also look for more videos coming in the next few weeks including ones on: Products, Recipes and more. 

You the Bible & Health Video


To watch the video, click the link below. We hope you enjoy it!  This Video has 7 Chapters: 1. Intro, Farming – The downfall, 2 Food & Drink  3. Meats 4. Other Important Things 5. Disease 6. Top 10 Best/Worse Foods 7. A Final Word.

You the Bible & Health    <<< CLICK HERE <<<<<<

Comments From Viewers of this Video:


We are so on the same page!

Ted & I just finished watching all 7 chapters and then forwarded this to our entire address book.


1:10 into your video I must say it is an outstanding presentation

Chris C.


From Russia with Health – My Story    Video is now completed


From Russia with Health – My Story    <<< CLICK HERE TO VIEW <<<<<<

I have been asked many times about what I eat, drink and why I changed my diet, so I decided to make this video to let you know how I get away without having to carry health insurance and how i stay well away from doctors.  This video is my story and I speak about very important health decisions, preparation methods, and healthy foods that can effect your health or impact your life as it is “your health & your choice”. There is also a section on pets in this video you will find interesting too. This video may change your life like a book changed mind several years ago.  Find more videos coming soon. The written version of the video will be out later in 2013.

Comments on From Russia with Health


I loved your video and it taught me so much. I weighed 232 two months ago and am now at 190 (without even  trying to lose) simply by accepting your advice (juicing). It really does matter what we put in our bodies. I wish somebody would have explained that to me in high school.

Again, many thanks.



Videos of Products we Carry

Watch our Video on the Energy~Star* Hydraulic Juice Press

Energy~Star* Juice Press Video  <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


Vita-mix Blender Test

We have tested the Vita-mix against  the Blendtec, Waring & JTC Blenders.

Vita-mix Blender Test Video <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


Green Star 5000 Elite Demo (Video)

Demo of the Green Star 5000 Elite Juice Extractor <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


Green Star 2000 Demo (Video)

Demo of Green Star 2000 Juicer <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


5 Accessories Sold with the Green Star (Video)

Green Star Juice Extractor Optional Accessories <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


Solo Star Juice Extractor vs. Upright Vertical Juicers

Solo Star Juicer vs. Vertical Upright Juices  <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE <<<<


Demonstration of Our New Muilt-Function Hand Pump

Vitality Plus Pump-It & Seal- It Vacuum Pump <<< CLICK/WATCH HERE<<<<