Energy Star Hydraulic Juice Press Black



No longer available due to our supplier moving out of state. We do still carry parts for these presses.

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Energy Star Hydraulic Juice Press Black

Dimensions 18.5” H x 12” W x 9” D

Take Juicing to the Next Level with a Press.

Stop Throwing your Money Away every time you juice produce. Introducing the new Energy~Starr* hydraulic juice press. Energy~Starr*gets its name from being a device that gives you extra energy from fruit/veggie juice and it uses no electricity. There is certainly nothing on the market that can extract juice from shredded produce pulp like a 4000 pound press can achieved. Depending on what juice extractor you are using you can get close to 50% more liquid out of your pulp, especially when juicing green leafy. If you are currently using any high speed juice extractor on the market then you will want to seriously consider purchasing a juice press because with your style juicer (high speed) you can extract close to 50% more juice when juicing certain produce. The very best combination is the Green Star juice extractor and the Energy~Starr* press. With the Green Star you will not get heat or a lot of friction and oxidation like you get when you use a high speed juicer. From the tests we have done with the press we are getting 15.44% more juice (from pulp) from the Green Star Elite, their best model. That pulp is from carrot (2/3) and about 1/3 of spinach/celery. In past tests we were getting about 33% more juice (green leafy) from the Green Star vs. the most popular/best high speed juicers on the market. So with the hydraulic press we are getting about 15.44% more liquid from the Green Star 5000 which means the press will extract close to 50% more juice from green leafy when using any high speed juicers. Don’t forget that you are not only getting more juice from the press but also more nutrients too. This is particularly valuable for people dealing with major health issues.

This press is very simple to operate and clean up. In most cases the press must be used in conjunction with some type of juice extractor, any style juicer works. You simply juice like you normally would and then you take your left over pulp and put it in a nylon bag (included) and that is placed in the lower pan of the press. You then just ratchet up the lower pan into the upper pan. It takes just a few minutes for most of the juice to be extracted. You will end up with pulp that is extremely dry. Clean up consists of washing the lower pan, wiping off the upper pan on just the outside which takes about 1.5 minutes total. You then clean the nylon bag which takes just a few minutes. If you don’t want to wash the bag right then you can place it in the freezer and wash it later. We always store bags in the freezer when we are done. Some people will spend up to $2500.00 for an electric juice press, now there is no need to spend anywhere close to that kind of money for a juicer and press combo. Some fruits like citrus does not have to be run through a juicer first they can be peeled, quartered and pressed.


Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Amish Made – USA

Handle for Support/Moving

Cover – Most of Unsightly Hydraulic Jack Covered

Removable Top Pan

Both Pans are Stainless Steel

Hardened Attractive Gloss Paint in Black or White finish

Dimensions 18.5” H x 12” W x 9” D

Weight 30 lbs

Price $379.99 Plus Shipping

Energy~Star* juice press is manufactured by;

Midwest Health Supply, LLC

PO Box 255

Jamestown, MO 65046


Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 9 in


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