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You will notice there is no price (to get the price click on link under the juicer photo on your right) for the sprouter on this page and we apologize for that but the manufacturer does not allow us to post it due to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). We sell our sprouters below the MAP and the only way to do it is either have you call us at 660-849-2133 or we will send it by e-mail. We would love to display our prices but we just simply can’t.

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Sproutman® Steve Meyerowitz, the world-renowned expert on wheatgrass and sprouts brings you a quick and easy way to grow wheatgrass at home! In just 10 days, you can have 3 large trays of fresh, juice-bar-style wheatgrass. Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower works with or without soil – so you can grow this therapeutic plant conveniently at home.

Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower grows wheatgrass with or without soil. Either method provides you with high quality, dark green grass. So, why not save time and eliminate the hassle of dealing with dirt? Research shows grass grown without soil is nutritionally equivalent to soil-grown grass.

Unlike other growers, Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower doesn’t take up much space. With its small footprint of just 10″ x 14″, it can fit virtually anywhere. Want more grass? No problem! The basic three-level unit is expandable up to 10 trays! Since each tray produces approximately 1 lb, you can have as much as 10 lbs of lush, vibrant wheatgrass in a compact, efficient space.

• No messy soil or complicated plumbing hookups
• Expandable to add more trays
• Grows at normal room temperature and light
• Each tray yields up to 15 servings of wheatgrass juice
• Comes with convenient spray bottle for easy watering
• Small footprint — big volume


Weight: 13 lbs.
Width 11.4″ x Long 15″ x Height 20.5″

Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower
Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower makes it easy to grow professional juice-bar-style trays of wheatgrass at home! Sprouter comes with the following

3 Clear Green House Covers
3 Black Germinating Lids
3 Growing Trays
3 Shelf Baskets
8 Standing Columns
4 White Caps
4 back Feet
1 Spray Bottle
1 Wheatgrass Seeds – 1.5lbs


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 12 in


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