Vitality Plus Pump-it & Seal-it Vacuum Pump



Vitality Plus Pump-it & Seal-it Vacuum Pump

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The pump Includes:

1-Vitality Plus Pump-It & Seal-It Vacumm Pump

50-Reusable Sealing Strips (average live 1-6 months)

1-Sample Reusable Freezer Bag

1-Stainless Steel Pin

1-Instruction Sheet

A Great Way to help preserve maximum freshness, flavor and nutritional value in juices and all types of food. We keep juice four days at a time (never have had any go bad in 4 days) and we keep foods raw/cooked for at least 1 week with no problem at all.

Easy to Operate
1. Creates a commercial vacuum in most jars

2. Creates a powerful vacuum in our freezer bags to prevent freezer burn

3. Prevents rancidity and loss of vitamins and nutrients

4. Keeps coffee, chips, cookies, and nuts vacuum fresh

5. Marinates foods

6. We keep juices 3-4 days and cooked foods up to 1 week.

The Pump-It and Seal-It can instantly marinate larger food pieces in bowls, pots, and pans with the Lid Set Accessory (sold separately).

Exclusive Features:
– No special jars, canning jars work great
– No batteries or electricity
– Stores in drawer or wall clip
– Compact, Sturdy, and Portable
– Safe and easy to use

Instant Marination
Foods marinate almost immediately in the Pump-It and Seal-It’s powerful vacuum. The vacuum opens up the cell structure of food to allow the marinating sauce to penetrate quickly. Now, using the Pump-It and Seal-It you can professionally marinate foods instantly in ordinary jars or use the Lid Set accessory with bowls, pots, and

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in


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